How is South America coping with the Covid-19 crisis and how has it affected its people, economies and its shipping sector?

As a boutique marine insurance broker with a strong focus and presence in South America we enjoy the trust of many clients in South & Central America but of course we also have clients in Europe, the U.K. and North America who have extensive dealings, investments or other interests in the region.

In recent months, we have often been asked by clients, Underwriters or other stakeholders how a particular country in LATAM is coping with Covid-19 and as a result we thought it might be useful to publish first hand testimonials and assessments by experts on the ground: for that purpose we have engaged with whom we consider the top P&I correspondents and maritime lawyers in South America and have interviewed them by means of a short but highly informative set of no more than 4 questions which we will publish one by one in the coming two weeks. We will start with Chile and then move our way up via Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. I am sure you will find this of value and interest so please stay tuned and watch out for our Linkedin publications or simply check out